Can I cancel my pre-order?
No, it is unfortunately not possible to cancel your pre-order. This is because upon pre-ordering, we create a special reservation for you with one of our suppliers or manufacturing partners. Once the reservation has been made, it cannot be cancelled.

Can I cancel my pre-order because I found it cheaper elsewhere?
It costs us more to import the products here to Canada than some other countries. Import fees and shipping costs for inventory into the country is incredibly high in comparison to some other countries. We cannot control prices elsewhere due to the diff shipping rates and import fees depending on country, location, etc.

What about if my pre-order is in stock and shipping from other online stores first?
There are numerous reasons why stores receive inventory at different times. This can be supplier related as there are numerous distributors, and often delays can and do happen. Sometimes merchandise may be received ahead of the estimated arrival date, and sometimes it may arrive after the estimated arrival date. This is why it's an estimate. There is no guarantee when pre-orders will arrive. Please understand this prior to placing an order. We cannot cancel pre-orders based on stock availability or arrival ETA's from other online shops.

What happens if I purchase a pre-order as well as items in stock?
When you order a pre-order item with in-stock merchandise, your order will ship together once we have received your pre-order item from our supplier. This is simply due to the rising shipping costs. Please place a separate order for any pre-order items if you wish to receive in-stock items sooner.

The company the produces the figures ship faster, why is this?
Typically, a company ships orders to their customers which includes us, a retail partner. That means that some customers will get their orders sooner than we receive our inventory. Unfortunately, we have no control over when they ship our orders.

Why hasn't my pre-order shipped yet?
Your order has not shipped because we have not received the inventory as these are pre-order items with arrival times that are always subject to change by the manufacturer. We generally ship orders within 1-2 business days once they arrive to us. Rest assured you will receive a shipping notification and tracking info as soon as your item(s) ship!

My order contains both pre-order and in stock items. Why hasn't the in stock items shipped to me yet?
If you placed an order containing pre-order and in stock items, your order will ship when all items are in stock. Please do not combine pre-orders with in stock items as they will not ship until everything is available. Place a separate order for in stock items if you wish to receive them sooner.