How will my order ship?
We ship the majority of our items via UPS and Canada Post. Most of our items ship from Canada. On occasion, we may ship products from the United States or the United Kingdom.

I can't choose my location to ship to, why?
If you're unable to complete your order based on your location, please contact us! We can search for the best shipping methods available to you.

I wish to purchase multiple items, is there a way to combine shipping?
In many cases, yes! It depends on the type of products. For example, autographed and unsigned posters cannot ship in the same package as action figures. Please contact us if you're looking to purchase multiple items and we will search for the best shipping option for you.

Will my order be subject to duties and taxes?
If you're in Canada, no! Canadian customers can enjoy customs and duty free purchases. Customers outside of Canada may be subject to customs and import fees, and you will be responsible for any fees that are applied to your shipment upon entering your country.

Is tracking and insurance included?
Absolutely! All items ship with a tracking number as well as insured for the total value of your order.

Why is shipping so expensive?
Shipping prices continue to sky rocket and there is no sign of that changing anytime soon. We ship most items from Canada, and shipping rates are not cheap. We unfortunately have no control over UPS or Canada Post shipping prices and use their online shipping service for processing shipments (these rates are constantly changing). If you would like to discuss shipping rates and options, please contact us with the items you wish to order as well as your shipping information.